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Think Brick Competition

The competition called for a unique response to a tourist precinct constructed from brick. Showcasing bricks unique attributes as well as an iconic approach to a strong concept.

The concept was inspirational to both Jo Gillies and Teneil Van Dyck who worked on the designs in a very short time frame to complete the submission.

We both received intuitively that kinetic art connects people to places – more especially when they are inactivated old warehouse areas that have no merit in terms of landscape; gardens; ground views or cafes/shops at all. Once this came to us we explored the relationship between pop art and bricks to create kinetic art through the brick medium on a large scale. Kids can interact with their parents and then walk up the rampart to the viewing platform which can access the Botany bay views. The rampart leads to a ‘headland’ area that is inspired by the unique Sydney headlands of Sydney harbour. This was the second part our inspiration when we tuned into what Sydney is also famous for. The headland is constructed of brick and green walling and inside it is an exhibition space with shops and eateries. The amphitheatre is located and has elements of the rampart wrapping around it to create a natural semi-circle. The front area of this draws people in as they come from the airport or visit enroute to the airport.

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