Sydney Architects - Archisoul - Burringbah

K&P House – Burringbah

The client’s brief was driven by achieving maximum privacy and capturing valley views with solar access into most areas of the home. As this is a semi-rural site, we were able to create a series of pavilion style buildings that allowed privacy to the bedrooms/bathroom area whilst allowing a connection to the main hub of the kitchen/living/dining space. This meant we had opportunities to create negative courtyard spaces that have view corridors as you walk along the spine of the hallway connecting the rooms.

The outdoor spaces are uniquely crafted to relate back to each area of the overall building. The aesthetic gable ends are articulated for visual resonance when viewed from the exterior and across the valley, but also to balance the light access for less summer sun and maximum winter sun. The building can be extended easily in the future for budget allows.

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