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A&C House – Manly Heritage Shop and Home

This iconic corner shop in the Manly area is a beautiful heritage listed building. Sitting on a corner block, the shop sits adjacent to two rows of double storey residences from early Twentieth Century. The shop gained its heritage listing due to its originality and uniqueness of concept, layout and mixture of materials.

As a heritage listed building, immense care and consideration is given to the original building. In consultation with council and heritage consultants, the determination was made for the original building to be retained and untouched. In order to develop and maximise the site however, the new building would be situated at the rear of the property and to retain the original connecting courtyard.

The current corner shop consists of a shop/office on street level and an apartment upstairs, both have a separate entry. To allow for flexibility of use, this would not change with the renovation.

For the new building and for continuity, the same architectural language and material palette is used. A pitched roof and rendered white walls, with the addition of the natural colour of timber and sandstone to give the building the “sophisticated beachy aesthetic”.

As this is a small building, particular attention was given to the internal joinery to cleverly maximise the use of the space. To further accentuate the sense of space, the ceiling height has been stretched to the permitted maximum and large windows were smartly placed to allow sun and light penetration at all times.

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