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C&C House – Freshwater

The C&C house at Freshwater underwent a staged renovation over a 10 year period to allow the client flexibility with construction time and budget. The expansive contemporary design was developed for this modern beach home and completed over 3 stages, requiring a total upper storey renovation.

In stage 1 a garage was built with a beautiful terrace and pergola above, then in stage 2, the existing ground floor was excavated underneath to provide a spacious basement area encompassing a laundry, bathroom and rumpus room and outdoor area. As the clients had 2 young children the rumpus room was seen as an essential component. The children, now teenagers, are loving their own downstairs area and the parents are enjoying the fruits of their forward thinking. Finally, in stage 3 the new storey or ‘parents retreat’ was built which opens up to a stunning large terrace with ocean views and maximises ocean breezes. Apart from the large master bedroom, with a reading niche, the first floor also contains an art and craft hobby room, study, lounge and a small bar/kitchenette area. The renovation has cleverly opened up the home to the northern views and breezes, dynamic spaces were provided internally and externally for this family’s diverse needs and hobbies.

A staged renovation can be an affordable option to consider when redesigning your home. By engaging an architect and investing in a masterplan, in the very early stages, will save time, money and the need to re-do any completed work further into the renovation.

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