K&R House - Seaforth, Archisoul, Sydney architects

P&C House – Seaforth

The brief was to create something beautiful that connected the occupant from the street to the water, encapsulating the stunning views of this waterfront home and articulating a sense of magic through the glassed foyer area.

The floating roof over the front foyer are area acted as a visual punctuation to the 2 different elements either side. This created a sense of lightness wedged between 2 strong elements.

The masculine squareness on one side which utilised limestone cladding is on the lower street side and adds  a sense of anchoring to the dwelling; whilst on the other side – a zinc clad façade broken up with privacy screens creates the lighter aesthetic on the higher side. The duality between these two elements creates the visual interest required to ensure the success of the dwelling’s stature.

The end result is one of solidity of structure combined with a magical feminine sense of the dappling afternoon sunlight streaming through the trees and across the floor.

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