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D&N House – Drummoyne

As architects we love creating the built form, the intricacies, curves, shapes, details and the beautiful images of our creations, but with this newly finished stunning home in Drummoyne, is also about what you cannot see. This home is more about the internal architecture and the interplay of outside and indoor usage.

The original 1950’s house was partially renovated in the 1980’s, but with little flow or connection to the north light. It felt dark and somewhat disconnected. The brief was to open it up and create a newly revitalized approach to the light and solar access with the ability for each family member to retreat to private areas as they need. Each area has its interaction between indoors and outdoors enabling more fresh breezes and light to enter the rooms.

Archisoul started the design process back in 2011 and this morphed and changed as the family grew. The DA was approved and then a Section 96 undertaken for additional design changes in 2014. In 2015/2016 the Construction Documentation was undertaken by the Archisoul team in readiness for construction, which commenced in 2016/17.

The completed house speaks clearly of a family home. It is welcoming, spacious and practical, with simple yet traditional detailing and natural materials. The installation of solar panels, water tanks and superior insulation, together with louvres and design positioning, ensures that the home is extremely energy efficient. The finished home is a testament to the focus of the family and Architect over the past 6-7 years. The trust was created along the way for the building journey and became an interactive approach towards the end result.

The home is full of openness and breezeways alongside the poetic dance of light and solar access, through the use of louvres and a reference back to the old verandas surrounding the front of the home. The parents retreat is complete with an indoors/outdoors bathroom, which gives a resort style feel. The family love the new renovation, filled with sunshine, laughter and the joy of three young boys growing up to create their own stories in beautiful surrounds.

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