Intuitive spaces
to ignite your soul

Vega Australian Headquarters, Archisoul Architects

We are Sydney architects
with a different approach

The Archisoul Architects team have over 25 years experience creating contemporary, intuitive, ecological, residential and commercial spaces that meet the emotional, physical, functional and spiritual needs of residents, visitors and the community.

Our passion for architecture ...

Drives our inspiration and resonating creativity. Our clear intention for every client is to create premium quality iconic homes, buildings and spaces that inspire creativity, stimulate social interaction and are in complete sustainable harmony with their environment.

Interpreting your vision ...

Every aspect of our journey together is to ensure that we interpret your vision and understand in detail your functional, timing and investment criteria to deliver inspiring architecture that exceeds your expectations.

Our Portfolio

Archisoul are Sydney architects, having produced a beautiful body of contemporary architecture spanning 25 years and ranging from residential renovations and new home designs to Commercial and Community Architecture, and Australia wide plus Costa Rica, Germany and Kenya with budgets ranging from $200,000 to $20 million.

Our Services

With a broad range of skills, past project experience plus a range of high-quality completed projects across the staff, and across multiple countries, we are well equipped to handle almost any project under $25 million and almost in any country.


An initial consultation to review the project brief, talk through general ideas and provide a cost estimate & fee scope.

Architectural Design

Full concept design creation, mathematical thinking, 3D drawing and consultant liaison done for you.

Full Services

High-end 2D, 3D creation of all design specifics down to the finest detail to create a wonderful bespoke finish.

Class 2

One of the few registered architects qualified for Class 2 units and flat building renovations and new builds.

Master Planning

Full site planning for multi dwelling sites, healing centres, yoga retreats and even animal sanctuaries in the past.

Specialist Services

Archisoul have worked on sound healing centres, pyramids, yoga centres, kindergartens, animal shelters and more.

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